1st Semester of 3rd year.

Is a past now.

All exams passed.. thank you Kick.

now 2nd semester:

  • Group Project – co-op 2D based game with 3D object targeting PC and xBox360 written in XNA 4.0 and C#
  • Game Architecture – C++ based game engine/framework for 3D environment targeting RTS games – Which help me develop zombie survival game, little bit similar to Majesty2 where we have people that “lives” their own life and there are zombies that “do not lives”. we will be able to drop guns and medic packs to “make” people move.. or something like that.. do not have an idea for this one. and,
  • Data Structure – well data structure.. I do not have a vision for a game for this one.. well it shouldn’t be to hard.. I hope.

First week of January.. game workshops at Napier.. may be fun.

28-30 January – Global Game Jam at Napier as well.. and Unity 3D.. will be fun.

I can’t wait Christmas..

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  1. Congradulations for passing the exams.
    I see that you really do something interesting at the university. :-< I would like do be the same in here, but here no one teaches us anything. I will start the exams in January and hope to pass them all I still have a month to learn and understand what do these people want.

    1. Thanks :),
      have you ever considering studying abroad or at least changing university?

      I am sure you will be fine with your exams – in any case Good Luck! 🙂

      that’s just my thought have you consider doing your game in 2.5D?
      It will be much easier than 3D – for instance you do not need system to load and process .obj file format or any other.. physics and collisional detection will be so much easier. (search for Box2D).

      1. Hey, I was also thinking for 2.5D. Dunno for shure , but I found a pack of source codes that load obj. 3ds. md2… it’s very well implemented and I am shure I can do something like that. I already have my obj’s modeled, maybe this weekend I will send you some photos. Still want to do like a mummy ball or something… for the enemy 😀 (the texture kills me ).

        About studying abroad it’s a little more complicated. This is my last year till I receive my “bachelor degree”, and after that I should search for a master degree. I can go abroad only with a scholarship, I can’t afford otherwise, and besides that I got this job here that is financially supporting me a little bit. I don’t know yet what to do… maybe after the Holidays I will take some important decisions..

        Take care

        1. Hey,
          Have you tried picking yet? believe me it will drive you mad.. I have spend loads of time on learning about gluUnProject – and I swear the God I got little bit crazier because of it.

          I will suggest you to stick with 2.5D, I was trying to develop Rubik’s cube on Android and I have failed because of picking..

          I know it is not so sophisticated and not so fancy but believe me it will be so easier to develop.

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