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  • +Multiuser system – allows creating different levels users – Super Admin, Admin, Publisher, Editor, etc.
  • +Multi sites – Since WP 3 we are able to create something called – managing many blogs on the same domain or sub domains from the same place.
  • +Custom Menu – allows creation of custom menus combining posts, pages, categories, tags and links.
  • +Multimedia Support – allows to upload everything – after configuration
  • +Comments System – allows to enable disable comments for pages/posts
  • +Version Control – allows to revert changes for post/page
  • +Preview Page – It allows viewing page before publishing it
  • +Import/Export – allows to export or import content
  • +Template System – great tool that allows changing template by couple clicks
  • +Widgets – add sidebar in template and modify its content in easy way
  • +Search System – allows searching through site for sentence.
  • +Plugins System – allows to add custom functionality for websit
  • +SEO – after modifying permalink and adding SEO plugin SEO is good quality
  • +RSS feed – implemented by default
  • +Custom Functions – we can specify or override existing functions in one external file so it will not affect core of system.
  • -Only one content area – (the other content plugin fixes this) there is only
  • one editable area that makes limitation for system
  • -Custom Menu – in Version 3.0 it has bug that do not display current location on the page. – Latest version seems to have fixed that
  • -Editing custom functionality – is hard and time consuming e.g. tinyMCE additional style options

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Java – Inherent, collections, object modelling.

eastern europe by google

1 Off topic

It is exact 1 month since I have reactivated deep beta..

deep beta is back and it is better then ever before!

Btw. According to google Eastern Europe is huge.. did I miss something or Googlers play to much of Europa Universalis?

Currently I am working on Rubik’s Cube type game – it seems to be my current idea for a project. but tomorrow I ll post about that. Description some code – yes, I do have some code for it already – but it is not enough to put it live.

..but lets back to the topic..

2 Actual topic

below description for class test that I had today:

Software Development 3

Class Test

Time: 1 1/2 hours

For the problem statement shown below, you must:
write the Java code for each of the classes
write a small sample program to show your classes working

Problem Statement

Your entrepreneur friend is about to open a Digital Video Disc (DVD) hire shop. She has asked you to write the software for her computer.
A DVD hire shop contains a collection of DVDs. Each DVD has a producer (i.e. a film company) and a title.
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Android 2.2 3D – cube with a shadow

Android 2.2 - Rotating Box with a shadow effect

1: Intro

In this article/tutorial I ll present how to create *cough* simple *cough* – well simple after you make it, cube with shadow effect. The idea is to make our android based device to display cube that will rotate around it own and – well that happened without my intention – around light source.  Problems I meet ware mostly based on me being not familiar with GL API.. but.. one step at time.. in next post I ll present how to add bitmap on the surface of cube..
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Android v 2.2 – Set up and 12 balls.

After over 48 hours with 4hours of sleep, 18 hours of work, 2hours of catching up with university, 0.5hour of set up eclipse on pc – with android SKD and configuration, 2hours of searching and 1hour of actual codding I come up with 12 balls that bounce on my phone – at the moment only from top of display to the bottom but I think that – considering my mental condition – I have got around 12 coffees and 2 relentless.. yeah my hands are shaking – anyway. I have 12 balls.

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video games

..Your game should demonstrate some basic principles, such as animation, physics, AI and scrolling or tiling behaviour. You will achieve higher marks if you implement more advanced physics and AI techniques not specifically covered in the practical sessions that you have investigated yourself..

And it would be enough if it comes to chess 🙁
need to develop a new plan – time is chasing  -12 Nov 2010 3pm deadline.

Here table with specification:

Item Mark Available
Software Design 10
Application Implementation Basic Interaction

Basic Functionality (e.g. graphics on screen, playing sound, information provided)

Advanced Functionality (e.g. artificial intelligence, physics, location-based services)

Code Quality and Comments 10
Evaluation and Report 20
Maximum Possible Marks 100

It says nothing more than do something!
I ll be better going.. loads thing to do..


Shot a bear – hit on youtube


Shot a bear
yesterday friend of mine – thanks Kris – shown me this commercial on youtube.. have a look and enjoy. this commercials are getting more and more interactive
this one is pretty amazing.. give a shot and go for it.
this video makes a records on youtube: 10,566,572 views!
man 10,566,572

01 Sep 2010 First embedded on – www.facebook.com 2,153,174
01 Sep 2010 First view from a mobile device 451,707
01 Sep 2010 First referral from – www.facebook 439,569
01 Sep 2010 First view from ad 325,275
01 Sep 2010 First referral from YouTube – /v/4ba1BqJ4S 175,357
01 Sep 2010 First referral from YouTube search – a hunter shoots a bear 143,432
31 Aug 2010 First referral from – www.facebook.com 642,337

that’s freaking record!

how ever that was just intro to make reading more comfy..

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