Day 2: multi texture, grid, interface

Daily update, what have I achieved last night:

  • adding more than one texture to high map
  • grid on future water level
  • 2d text over 3d scene – interface/debug

My 1 milestone is almost reached – only two things left: smooth transition between textures and animated water with reflection. Once I have that I will publish application and sample code.

that should be done by end of the week, however Software Development 3 coursework deadline if 3rd Dec and I haven’t done anything yet.

finger crossed,
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Some Crazy XNA 4.0 terrain stuff

Last night I was learning XNA 4.0 – framework – runtime environment with set of tools provided by Microsoft, language C# “platform crossing” – well it can run on Xbox 360 and tune.. and well Windows mobile, that suppose to make game development easier.. well it does.. I am actually surprised how well language and framework is designed.

Coding is simple, quick and we can see effect.. not like C++ – which in fact I do love – and one day I will be master in it! – one day, one day I say!

Tonight’s question: Is C# better language to learn?

2010 Unreal Development Kit Beta

Epic Games has released the November 2010 UDK Beta. – demo youtube video in less than 12 hours has been seen over 69K times!

But to be honest I am not surprised. This animation looks like cinematic!

for sure I am going to test, at first look I was so impressed that I was watching the video with my mouth open.
Great job Epic!

there comes a question:
Is there any good reason to develop own engine from scratch, or should we stick to existing ones and develop them?
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3D Framework for Android sample

I finally made it!

I have found couple bugs that was causing problems in my game.

first of all and I guess that was only error I have had was texturing for blocks – my program was using custom created mipmap function that was using probably not supported by hardware on desire, however.. it is working now!

Check this out! 3D Framework

HAHAHA now i am in a position of person holding power! WE ARE GOING HOME! TO SLEEP! AND WAKE UP AND EAT something. And to love me because im smart, sexy, awesome, sweet, unbelievably beautiful and still readhead.

still love u Luke. and and aand we are going to sleep now.

are we clear Luke? ARE WE?

I ll be game developer!

game dev

Yes! I will be!

from 11AM yesterday till now I am at university.. and I have to say it is awesome! over 12 hours. I am codding for today’s assignment from Software Development – meanwhileI have transferred myself to game development program!!

Funny fact.

today I have met the guy who was working on my code for festival apartments – horrible company which – only when I am thinking about it – my brain starts to hurt.

well his reaction was similar.. but fun fact – the guy is at gaming program as well.. and if everything will go fine will start as a team in – “Every year between June and August, students form teams of five and compete over 10 weeks to design a fully functioning video game prototype. At the end of 10 weeks, all the teams will gather at Dare Protoplay to showcase their work and be judged by industry experts. Dare Protoplay represents the most innovative design from emerging games artists and programmers and is open to the public to come and play the games.”

sounds like a challange? – yes it is 🙂

Other thing today I have spent like 6hours on helping other guys with the program and that was fun! Martin will bring me some vodka 😀 – seems to be pretty serious about that.

My new program leader is awesome! – had long chat was jus briliant.

and some stuff for Napier students – second part of Software Engineering assigment.

we will start with simple menu class:

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Lunch time post

Good News

“Good news everyone!” – as I say.

It has been week since my last post – but I was recovering after university project – yes, the same FPS Android game that I am not really proud of – however I assume that it will bring me around 80% – 90% for my module.
Considering that the game was made in less than 2 weeks – it is pretty awesome. Tomorrow I have presentation – hopefully will be quite all right.

Now I feel great – rested, satisfied from work I am doing, little bit disappointment by university but I am learning on my own after work.
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Finishing prototype


Tomorrow I have to pass documentation for my mobile development game. Development name “Carlos”.

Basic idea for the game is to move from place A to place B – but that is not so easy to do! There is labyrinth a.. and a evil sphere.. fine! I had no idea for the game, ok!

Well not simple enough to be build in less than a week, anyway. This was great background for developing simple Android Framework that will allow me to develop something more sophisticated in the future.

Last changes for lightning, music  and labyrinth model  and tomorrow documentation..

fingers crossed,

Ok, adding music is really easy!

what we need is variable

[cc lang=”java”]private MediaPlayer mp;[/cc]

then in onCreate method

[cc lang=”java”]
mp = MediaPlayer.create(this,;

and done!

you can as well add
[cc lang=”java”]