C++ Time!

I feel terrible because of not posting anything for such a long time,
quick overview:

last two weeks was extremely busy at work, Christmas.. was pretty cool.. chilling out with my lovely girlfriend and wasting time on Heroes of Might and Magic 4.. well wasting a time because our Internet connection is approaching on 31.. well.. we need to wait.

yesterday I have decided to do little bit of University stuff.. so I have decided to start with Game Engineering..

yest that means C++!! .. that was my thought at very beginning.. after couple hours on sample code.. I have realized I can do nothing without Internet.. I hate to say that but set up DirectX in Visual studio 2010 is a freaking pain.. and you have to do that for every project..

is there any way of making it automatically? or once for all projects?
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Last Weekend before Christmas Issue

was really lazy.. cup of tea book.. couple episodes of friends – honestly I need to get internet at my place.. I am so out of good movies..

Amazon and other online based shops keep spamming great deals for useless stuff for Christmas.

Next week gift hunting will start.. I ll track it, I ll hunt it down..
The perspective of new xBox360 is great but I think it needs to wait until new year.. :S well.. I ll get it at some point.

the book.. I am reading great one. Game Coding Complete 3rd Edition.

Well I am not about to make a good revision of the book but “mr Mike” know how to explain.

This is good position to have on the shelf.

I have started to creating C++/DirectX game framework but to be honest I can’t decide which DirectX should I use. I am using 9 because Napier teaches this one, but in my personal opinion.. why are they learning old stuff? New DirectX API has been changed.. so in fact this is pointless.. well not really pointless but.. if I learn 9 one I will have learn to new one as well.. I think that’s just waste of time.

I will share the simple structure of “Engine” when I ll reach first milestone.. some object in 3D – yeah box.. so what! I bet it will be  Tuesday or Wednesday.. finger crossed.. and yes it will be DirectX9 but I ll prepare alternative version for DirectX11 by end of the year.. I hope.

UDK went crazy

That’s just mad..

the system does anything a it is portable as well!

the guys from epicgames know how to do things – first they made most advanced system, then they released it as a development tools that does everything – list below, and now they made it portable to almost every platform..

I am wondering if in future they will release version that is portable for a microwave/toaster that does all that current one has plus sandwiches and hot coffee

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1st Semester of 3rd year.

Is a past now.

All exams passed.. thank you Kick.

now 2nd semester:

  • Group Project – co-op 2D based game with 3D object targeting PC and xBox360 written in XNA 4.0 and C#
  • Game Architecture – C++ based game engine/framework for 3D environment targeting RTS games – Which help me develop zombie survival game, little bit similar to Majesty2 where we have people that “lives” their own life and there are zombies that “do not lives”. we will be able to drop guns and medic packs to “make” people move.. or something like that.. do not have an idea for this one. and,
  • Data Structure – well data structure.. I do not have a vision for a game for this one.. well it shouldn’t be to hard.. I hope.

First week of January.. game workshops at Napier.. may be fun.

28-30 January – Global Game Jam at Napier as well.. and Unity 3D.. will be fun.

I can’t wait Christmas..

Software Development 3 – MP’s management System

Below is full code for my SD3 assignment – or you can download it from here – zipped project or here – .jar


“You should write a report about your software (max 2 sides A4) in the report you should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Strategy pattern and discuss how you would have implemented your code not using the strategy pattern.”

How is it working?

Current solution as a first thing checks files for serialized data and if there are any it adds MP to arrayLists  – so in a sec it will allow us to operate on this objects.

After adding MP’s to lists my program creates new instance of Program Class which is basically engine that interacts with user (displays communicates, gather inputs), process events, and deal with MP objects.

Program Class is divided to flexible layers which are

  • Display Communicates – Methods that are called only to display information
  • Logic  Processors – Methods that manage whole input/output processed – heart of the program
  • Object Factories – Methods that are creating objects or  changing  attributes of already existing ones

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Unity 3D 3.1 – First Clash

Unity 3D 3.1 Logo

“We’ll be using Unity.”

Well.. Ok, I was really skeptic about this one.. “clicking” games is not the way I want to do them..
many hours, days, weeks spent on game architecture, planning and at least codding.. that’s the way it should be..

and at some point I have started to thinking.. many weeks, in “many weeks” hardware will “jump” to the next level.. new graphic API, new shader language, new operating system, new technology to use, new requirements..

so well yeah, game developer life is damn hard, and we need to “catch up” with things..

so I have decided to give a chance to Unity 3D – current version is 3.1 – and as far as I am getting familiar with it – it seems to be great tool!

it does load things for developer – camera management, physics, rendering.. but game developer will still have a plenty of code “to do”. And most of all it allows you to concentrate on idea development.

As far as now – it is getting better and better.. according to official website:
code generated by it is as effective as C++, platform crossing – that just brilliant, .net based – well not so sure about that – I prefer not get to close to MS.. can synchronize with Visual Studio – which is great thing.
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Global Game Jam 2011

December 7 at 6:07pm Report
“Want to join our team for the Global Game Jam in January?”

damn yeah!!

Account created, now I am reading stuff..

Global Game Jam Edinburgh’s edition will be hosted by Napier – cool news actually.

I need to arrange some meeting to get know my team better and as well I need to figure out what are we aiming for and what set of tools will we use.

head full of questions and ideas.. I love it!

My morale are quite high right now and I have this feeling that with some preparation before event we could manage to do kind a AAA game in less than 2 days ;P