Global Game Jam..

Over 30h without sleep.. and loads things to do..

tired.. no exhausted.. but excited.. we almost reached 2nd stage for a game development.. all relationships, behaviours are set up and ready to go.. now.. level modelling tweaking and balancing game play..
it is kind a hard to manage and catch up with 8people team.. really. but we are doing pretty well!

pictures and demo tomorrow!

unity3d prefabs and other issues

Yesterdays evening have made me little bit more crazy.. every try of importing any asset has a failed :S

preparing for a GGJ would be so much easier if that would be working!
creating a prefabs and simple scripting covered in less than 20 min. Unity 3D is really great tool!

anyway, full of I can do attitude can’t wait tomorrow!

Day 11: Well I have done the textures

I cannot admit.. I wanted to finish couple more things..
well so now we have space to render divided to quads.. increase performance, texture, lighting, info about graphic card and memory left on card.

Now I am ready to do game logic.

what should I start with?
random placing objects on a map?

I need to think of a build name for this project.. any suggestions?

Day 10: Height Map

I am satisfied with that height map – no multi textures, blending, water or even trees.. I need to concentrate on logic now, polishing details will be last thing.

plan for today/tomorrow.

picking + adding objects on the map..

good luck Luke..

thanks Luke.

ok 2 more thing left before I ll be ready to go with picking and objects,

1. need to set up camera in 45 degree
2. I need to think of optimisation.. some sort of quad tree or so..

Day 9: Motivation Kick

I need to figured out what I want/have to do with University and work.. need to find a balance,

Today after chat with my Program Leader I have decided to start going forward and developing stuff that I actually will need and polish small things at the end, that’s why today I have managed to create 1024 by 1024 grid map which will be base for my 3D hight map based strategy game, decisions has been made. nothing else left than developing..

Element Covered Tonight:

  • movement class
  • terrain class
  • grid helper

Tomorrow – Height map.