Frustum Culling – First Clash in OpenGL

Lately I have started preparing tools for voxel engine, after yesterdays fails with bloom/hdr today I won the battle with Frustum Culling – well it was only battle and there is still lot to improve.
Above we can see snowman’s – my tech model – used in OpenGL API learning process.

Anyway – for some weird reason I have decided that drown “testing models” will be in red. and the colling ones green – don’t ask. Fairly quickly I figured out that culling is updating only when camera is in the move. when rotates frustum is not being updated.. Need to investigate that.
Not tonight..

C++ + GLSL + GLFW + GLUT = Snowmans

This weekend I have moved little bit with my voxel engine..
On Saturday Marching Cubes algorithm has been implemented, but debugging was long and hard, so I have decided to take step back and prepare tools I will need in the future – simple input handler and camera class,

for testing this features I have used mr. Snowman x 36 🙂

Effect as on image.