Backup plan

I have spent too much time on trying to figure out 3D Picking and meshes.

I need to prepare backup plan – only 6weeks left till deadline.

here it is:

2D –  Top down – survival.

the idea is pretty the same as in 3D version – but I am considering get rid of building and as a production supplies – I mean we will have a farmers family that want to survive on their farm, yes sheep will be there.. here is scenario.

player controls 4 people team in where every unit has special skills – range, male dps, meal tank, healer – pretty standard rpg group.

I am considering as well game play ideally that would be multi player with server and clients but as far as now player will be able to control on of units and the rest will have some sort of AI. RPG elements will allow leveling for a team, and some perks will drop from zombies, wave time based play stays the same.

I have started developing engine from scratch.. again.. well this time I will base on university engine that we are developing at practicals by end of this week I should have:

  • Working framework
  • Tailed base map
  • Entity manager
  • Collision detection
  • Messaging system
  • Basic.. really basic AI
  • loads of small things like sprite renderer, game clock, animation engine, etc

Oh one big change.. I have decided to use DirectX9 instead on 10/11.. we are covering this one at university.. and I really do not have time to learn this one on my own.. probably later on I will do anyway.. but.. I am really tight with my time frames.

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