8bit shadow


Small side project requires very simple 2D shadow system.. here is what I have so far.

3rd Bounce

Screenshot from 2013-07-16 22:58:57

finally I got some spare time to improve this baby.
It is a bit of improvement since the last time – 3rd bounce of rays were hacked into. Now the reflection looks far more realistic.

Screenshot from 2013-07-16 23:03:58

And here reflection of the reflection.. some artefacts here and there – but I can live with them for now.

oh and I need to fix timer for the frame – that is definietly not 0.31ms per frame – it takes about a second per frame. Still not that bad for the vanila implementation.

[Edit: late night]

Screenshot from 2013-07-17 01:38:58

Managed to add semi-transparent spheres! Rendering of the frame became extremely slow – had to reduce number of spheres on the scene.

Is it the right time to introduce optimisations?


One of the questions that I have been asked lately

Imagine situation where we have a numbers from 1 to 100 all incrementing so we have 1,2,3, … ,99,100. Now we take one of them from this pool – randomly, then we are randomize order of rest of them.

Question: what is the best way of finding out which number has been taken, and what is complexity of your algorithm?


Last Weekend before Christmas Issue

was really lazy.. cup of tea book.. couple episodes of friends – honestly I need to get internet at my place.. I am so out of good movies..

Amazon and other online based shops keep spamming great deals for useless stuff for Christmas.

Next week gift hunting will start.. I ll track it, I ll hunt it down..
The perspective of new xBox360 is great but I think it needs to wait until new year.. :S well.. I ll get it at some point.

the book.. I am reading great one. Game Coding Complete 3rd Edition.

Well I am not about to make a good revision of the book but “mr Mike” know how to explain.

This is good position to have on the shelf.

I have started to creating C++/DirectX game framework but to be honest I can’t decide which DirectX should I use. I am using 9 because Napier teaches this one, but in my personal opinion.. why are they learning old stuff? New DirectX API has been changed.. so in fact this is pointless.. well not really pointless but.. if I learn 9 one I will have learn to new one as well.. I think that’s just waste of time.

I will share the simple structure of “Engine” when I ll reach first milestone.. some object in 3D – yeah box.. so what! I bet it will be  Tuesday or Wednesday.. finger crossed.. and yes it will be DirectX9 but I ll prepare alternative version for DirectX11 by end of the year.. I hope.

Day 2: multi texture, grid, interface

Daily update, what have I achieved last night:

  • adding more than one texture to high map
  • grid on future water level
  • 2d text over 3d scene – interface/debug

My 1 milestone is almost reached – only two things left: smooth transition between textures and animated water with reflection. Once I have that I will publish application and sample code.

that should be done by end of the week, however Software Development 3 coursework deadline if 3rd Dec and I haven’t done anything yet.

finger crossed,
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Full time student – Full time emploee

Software Development – Java
Software Engineering – UML
Mobile apps – Android

Job – Web Developer

Things has been sorted already,
small modification in my programming project – portable strategy game – similar to majesty – still need to learn openGL  – but hopefully I ll get some sort of help from Android’s development kit