Global Game Jam 2014


On the weekend of 24-26 Jan Global Game Jam has been hosted at Edinburgh Napier University. 48hour to make a game in *cough* theme *cough* which was:

“We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are.”

Ideal theme for horror game, right? right?!

Anyway, I wanted to play bit more with OculusVR and make horror game. Aparently there was more people like me:

Thanks to Floyd Chitalu (Code), Joanna Jamrozy && Malgorzata Kosek (Art)
you guys are awesome!

After 48hours and countles reboots of the machines at the location. Yeah PCs are being wiped out every night – few times.
But, hey there is warning! About 3mins before shutdown.. Thumbs up!
so sit down and relax, because you will not be able to backup your project in time anyway.

The game after all is quite scary, buggy but scarry! – I jumped few times playing it.


More about the project, plus binary ( Windows ) && Video from hardcore testing:

Global Game Jam..

Over 30h without sleep.. and loads things to do..

tired.. no exhausted.. but excited.. we almost reached 2nd stage for a game development.. all relationships, behaviours are set up and ready to go.. now.. level modelling tweaking and balancing game play..
it is kind a hard to manage and catch up with 8people team.. really. but we are doing pretty well!

pictures and demo tomorrow!

Global Game Jam 2011

December 7 at 6:07pm Report
“Want to join our team for the Global Game Jam in January?”

damn yeah!!

Account created, now I am reading stuff..

Global Game Jam Edinburgh’s edition will be hosted by Napier – cool news actually.

I need to arrange some meeting to get know my team better and as well I need to figure out what are we aiming for and what set of tools will we use.

head full of questions and ideas.. I love it!

My morale are quite high right now and I have this feeling that with some preparation before event we could manage to do kind a AAA game in less than 2 days ;P