Deffme – 2D Terrain Protection Game

At this stage I can’t say I have done much – Uni, work, life :), but I have something:

First of all I have spent about half an hour on thinking how to write this game, mechanic and engine..

so the idea of game is pretty similar to famous “Plants vs Zombie”

2D game, we can place “tower/flower/anything that shoot” on a map, and there is horde of evil things trying to bypass our things – lets be clear at this stage this can be anything.. that’s just matter of sprites/sounds. hope that will be enough.. but if not – changing to 3D should be fairly easy anyway.

Our “things” can shoot bullet goes from left to the right and horde is going from right to the left.
every object at the map has life points.

My game is future proof and I have thought about different types of objects – eg slowing down bullets, faster enemies, more life points – upgrades etc,

lets remember about simple rule – everything on a map has to move with some speed.. and we need to make that the same for all devices – delta time ­čÖé

I am thinking about adding some sort of currency – sun, gold, points,tokens – whatever that will allow player to buy upgrades or new things and place it on the map

anyway.. lets see some code!
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Android 2.2 3D – cube with a shadow

1: Intro

In this article/tutorial I ll present how to create *cough* simple *cough* – well simple after you make it, cube with shadow effect. The idea is to make our android based device to display cube that will rotate around it own and – well that happened without my intention – around light source. ┬áProblems I meet ware┬ámostly┬ábased on me being not familiar with GL API.. but.. one step at time.. in next post I ll present how to add bitmap on the surface of cube..
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Android v 2.2 – Set up and 12 balls.

After over 48 hours with 4hours of sleep,┬á18 hours of work, 2hours of catching up with university, 0.5hour of set up eclipse on pc – with android SKD and configuration, 2hours of searching and 1hour of actual codding I come up with 12 balls that bounce on my phone – at the moment only from top of display to the bottom but I think that – considering my mental condition – I have got around 12 coffees and 2┬árelentless.. yeah my hands are shaking – anyway. I have 12 balls.

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