Some Crazy XNA 4.0 terrain stuff

Last night I was learning XNA 4.0 – framework – runtime environment with set of tools provided by Microsoft, language C# “platform crossing” – well it can run on Xbox 360 and tune.. and well Windows mobile, that suppose to make game development easier.. well it does.. I am actually surprised how well language and framework is designed.

Coding is simple, quick and we can see effect.. not like C++ – which in fact I do love – and one day I will be master in it! – one day, one day I say!

Tonight’s question: Is C# better language to learn?

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Luke Iwanski

Senior Graphics Programmer @ CD Projekt RED

2 thoughts on “Some Crazy XNA 4.0 terrain stuff”

    1. Which XNA (3 or 4) have you used for that?
      Currently, I am working with XNA 4.0 and it seems that there is slight difference in mechanic.

      currently I am learning HLSL to make smooth transition between textures.

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