Luke Iwanski

Who am I?


  • C++ and OpenGL
    • VoxelEngine – April 2011 -Advanced stage of the Honours Project, the aim of it is to create an editable voxel engine; the technologies used are openGL along with the GLFW, GLM and GLEW libraries. Series of optimisation algorithms has been implemented
    • n-Gine – October 2011 – Simple rendering engine that was used in various of projects, GLSL 330 used, in this sample Sponza Altrum model used. Engine don’t use any optimisation yet.
    • Smoke – June 2011 – Ray Trace and Voxel based smoke animation; quick project developed during investigation of  how ray track combined with voxels kills performance. All calculations are made on GPU, Grid size 96^3, average FPS 20.
  • C++ and DirectX
    • ecoHack – September 2011 – effects of 48hrs programming challenge event organised by Edinburgh Napier University. Theme of event “Green Computing”. 2 player game.
    • Zombiesh 2D – April 2011 – Individual project for Games Engineering module, aim of the project was to design and develop a tiled base RTS game with survival elements; the project covers various fields including Entity Management system, basic AI, 2D Animations, Particle Emitter, Lua – to process simple configuration files for GUI; project developed in 2 months; DirectX 9 – based;
    • Terrain – Late 2010 – Application created during the process of learning the DirectX10 API, which creates a height map based on a grey scale bitmap; fields covered were frustum culling, quad trees for space partitioning, along with basics of HLSL;
  • C#
    • Zombie Land – November 2010 – Due to PC failure all source code has been lost; however, some screenshots can be found at The aim of this very short project was to create a terrain based on a gray scale bitmap (height map); technologies used: XAN 4.0, elements of HLSL;
  • Unity 3D 3.1
    • Luna – January 2012 – Game for the Global Game Jam, moon landscape, scripting and modelling the terrain.
    • Guardians – April 2011 – Game for the university Group Project module;  the bits and pieces I have worked on: player classes (design and development)– including behaviors and interaction with each other, networking, implementing models, implementing sound effects, implementing the environment; collision detection, gameplay, path finding, GUI elements; we have been using C# and JavaScript for the development.
    • Sell:Fish – January 2011 – Game for the Global Game Jam, fields covered: general C# and JavaScript programming, including gameplay and interface.
  • Android 2.2
    • Carlos – Late 2010 – 3D Framework, fields covered: collision detection, path finding A*, processing files, data structure, 3D, textures, rendering, IO processing, simple physics, importing; the file format is ‘.obj’.


  • – since 14/11/2011 – Graphics Developer using C++/OpenGL/OpenCL/Offload
  • 16/06/2010 – 12/11/2011 – Web Developer at Heehaw Digital Edinburgh;
  • 2008 – 2010 – Freelance Web Development for companies such as EdinTrain, ExpandingWeb;


  • 2010 – 2012 – Edinburgh Napier University; Games Development;
  • 2009 – 2010 – Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology – Warsaw;
  • 2007 – 2009 – Edinburgh Napier University; Software Engineering;

C++, C#, OpenGL/DirectX, Java, PHP, HTML/CSS,  Action Script 3.0, Development applications for mobile – Android, Game development for PC and mobile, Software Engineering, Basics of HLSL/GLSL, Lua, hardworking, picking details, “I can do Attitude!!”

Learning new stuff, programming – currently fully concentrated on rendering and performance, games – however not to much time for them – honours project in progress, Magic: The Gathering, graphic programming.

I have done lots of Web Development for more informations see Web development Stories