Web development stories

for almost 4years, during studying – lets be honest – I have to pay bills đŸ™‚ – I have developed a bit of a web development portfolio.. fancy to see?

Currently I am working as Web Developer for an awesome company called Heehaw Digital. I have been dealing with many, many.. really many websites like:

My responsibilities are :  front end stuff and wordpress.. however I do php/mysql, expression engine, code igniter and indoor CMS called ZOO as well. I have pleasure to work with great individuals like

Before Heehaw I was working for Edinburgh Training Centre as Php developer – and still I am helping with SEO and Php/Mysql indoor development over the weekends – technologies: wordpress, link building, vTiger CRM, linux (Centos) server administration

Before That that I was helping polish Edinburgh based Expanding Web, Glasgow based Healthy Websites and WordPress Developers

you have to agree it is a lot for 23 years old đŸ™‚

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