Vortex Terrain Model

First of all: My class that loads objects from file is working now! v0.6 is able to load vertexes and put them into buffer! Great success!

I was thinking about topic for Games Engineering module. There are plenty ideas in my head of what I can create,

but last idea seems to be a challenge – Simple Vortex Terrain model (little bit similar to the one in minecraft) that will allow player to have ultimate power to change things on it – not sure what that will be exactly but, I am pretty sure player will be able to make “holes” in a ground, caves, flood, destroy object and create craters,

well I see the future for that kind of map for RTS games..

I need to make research and design data structure for vortex terrain – but I am sure that’s “doable”

Java – Inherent, collections, object modelling.

eastern europe by google

1 Off topic

It is exact 1 month since I have reactivated deep beta..

deep beta is back and it is better then ever before!

Btw. According to google Eastern Europe is huge.. did I miss something or Googlers play to much of Europa Universalis?

Currently I am working on Rubik’s Cube type game – it seems to be my current idea for a project. but tomorrow I ll post about that. Description some code – yes, I do have some code for it already – but it is not enough to put it live.

..but lets back to the topic..

2 Actual topic

below description for class test that I had today:

Software Development 3

Class Test

Time: 1 1/2 hours

For the problem statement shown below, you must:
write the Java code for each of the classes
write a small sample program to show your classes working

Problem Statement

Your entrepreneur friend is about to open a Digital Video Disc (DVD) hire shop. She has asked you to write the software for her computer.
A DVD hire shop contains a collection of DVDs. Each DVD has a producer (i.e. a film company) and a title.
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