I’ll make it smoke!

15 Points!

After hours spend on research and readings great publications like: GPU Gems, Coder Mind or Philip Rideout’s, Miles Macklin’s blogs aim of my Honours Project gets clearer and clearer.

I want to create simple Smoke Effect.

“Particle effects like smoke, fire and foam can be efficiently rendered without using hacks. Voxels are also being used by some big Hollywood special effects studio’s to render hair, fur and grass. ” – quote from Ray Tracey’s Blog

All important calculation will be proceed on GPU – I will do my best – using GLSL.

After couple hours spend on learning GLSL I have got that:

Bonsai - Raytracked

Loads of artefacts, however it is not so bad for just couple hours.

Next step will be to implement Perlin noise to get echo – base for my particles.

21/06/11 Update:

Perlin noise implemented.