Software Development 3 – MP’s management System

Below is full code for my SD3 assignment – or you can download it from here – zipped project or here – .jar


“You should write a report about your software (max 2 sides A4) in the report you should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Strategy pattern and discuss how you would have implemented your code not using the strategy pattern.”

How is it working?

Current solution as a first thing checks files for serialized data and if there are any it adds MP to arrayLists  – so in a sec it will allow us to operate on this objects.

After adding MP’s to lists my program creates new instance of Program Class which is basically engine that interacts with user (displays communicates, gather inputs), process events, and deal with MP objects.

Program Class is divided to flexible layers which are

  • Display Communicates – Methods that are called only to display information
  • Logic  Processors – Methods that manage whole input/output processed – heart of the program
  • Object Factories – Methods that are creating objects or  changing  attributes of already existing ones

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