Global Game Jam 2014


On the weekend of 24-26 Jan Global Game Jam has been hosted at Edinburgh Napier University. 48hour to make a game in *cough* theme *cough* which was:

“We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are.”

Ideal theme for horror game, right? right?!

Anyway, I wanted to play bit more with OculusVR and make horror game. Aparently there was more people like me:

Thanks to Floyd Chitalu (Code), Joanna Jamrozy && Malgorzata Kosek (Art)
you guys are awesome!

After 48hours and countles reboots of the machines at the location. Yeah PCs are being wiped out every night – few times.
But, hey there is warning! About 3mins before shutdown.. Thumbs up!
so sit down and relax, because you will not be able to backup your project in time anyway.

The game after all is quite scary, buggy but scarry! – I jumped few times playing it.


More about the project, plus binary ( Windows ) && Video from hardcore testing:

Unity 3D 3.1 – First Clash

Unity 3D 3.1 Logo

“We’ll be using Unity.”

Well.. Ok, I was really skeptic about this one.. “clicking” games is not the way I want to do them..
many hours, days, weeks spent on game architecture, planning and at least codding.. that’s the way it should be..

and at some point I have started to thinking.. many weeks, in “many weeks” hardware will “jump” to the next level.. new graphic API, new shader language, new operating system, new technology to use, new requirements..

so well yeah, game developer life is damn hard, and we need to “catch up” with things..

so I have decided to give a chance to Unity 3D – current version is 3.1 – and as far as I am getting familiar with it – it seems to be great tool!

it does load things for developer – camera management, physics, rendering.. but game developer will still have a plenty of code “to do”. And most of all it allows you to concentrate on idea development.

As far as now – it is getting better and better.. according to official website:
code generated by it is as effective as C++, platform crossing – that just brilliant, .net based – well not so sure about that – I prefer not get to close to MS.. can synchronize with Visual Studio – which is great thing.
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