Day 2: multi texture, grid, interface

Daily update, what have I achieved last night:

  • adding more than one texture to high map
  • grid on future water level
  • 2d text over 3d scene – interface/debug

My 1 milestone is almost reached – only two things left: smooth transition between textures and animated water with reflection. Once I have that I will publish application and sample code.

that should be done by end of the week, however Software Development 3 coursework deadline if 3rd Dec and I haven’t done anything yet.

finger crossed,

lately, I was thinking why range of popular games is so huge, and why on the earth world of warcraft is so popular, I wanted to check new expansion so I have spend £8 for prepaid card, well everything has change, but idea is still the same: you have to spend huge amount of time to level up your character to high level. you have basically 3 ways of doing that:

  • Do quests – run for hours between locations, kill dozens of the same creatures – poor bastards, we should leave them alone, they have families, fillings, needs. and you as a “great” heroes kill rats.
  • Do player versus player – die hundred times on battleground, wait for resurrection, than die again, that can annoy even saint.
  • Do dungeons – my favorite atm, however if you are playing as dps you have to wait for ages – do tanks/healers guys – but to be honest last night I was in the same instance about 40 times.. the same one! it suppose to be random

In all mmorpgs there is common thing, wait until rich location, wait until resurrection, wait until level up, wait for friend, wait, wait wait.

Why is that so popular?
What makes game popular?
Does people loves to wait?

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