I ll be game developer!

game dev

Yes! I will be!

from 11AM yesterday till now I am at university.. and I have to say it is awesome! over 12 hours. I am codding for today’s assignment from Software Development – meanwhileI have transferred myself to game development program!!

Funny fact.

today I have met the guy who was working on my code for festival apartments – horrible company which – only when I am thinking about it – my brain starts to hurt.

well his reaction was similar.. but fun fact – the guy is at gaming program as well.. and if everything will go fine will start as a team in http://www.daretobedigital.com/ – “Every year between June and August, students form teams of five and compete over 10 weeks to design a fully functioning video game prototype. At the end of 10 weeks, all the teams will gather at Dare Protoplay to showcase their work and be judged by industry experts. Dare Protoplay represents the most innovative design from emerging games artists and programmers and is open to the public to come and play the games.”

sounds like a challange? – yes it is 🙂

Other thing today I have spent like 6hours on helping other guys with the program and that was fun! Martin will bring me some vodka 😀 – seems to be pretty serious about that.

My new program leader is awesome! – had long chat was jus briliant.

and some stuff for Napier students – second part of Software Engineering assigment.

we will start with simple menu class:

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CBox Class


Whole world in this project is made by boxes as mentioned in previous post: Carlos – World Class – First Prototype.


  • Different texture for every box can be used
  • Box can be set in every place – simply calculated on world array
  • Feature to show where box is set
  • Every Box can have set up is if is passable or not

Future Development
In future I want to make this class more sophisticated for instance

  • transparent boxes (windows),
  • disappearing  boxes (traps),
  • position of box changed in real time (lifts, doors)

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Java – Inherent, collections, object modelling.

eastern europe by google

1 Off topic

It is exact 1 month since I have reactivated deep beta..

deep beta is back and it is better then ever before!

Btw. According to google Eastern Europe is huge.. did I miss something or Googlers play to much of Europa Universalis?

Currently I am working on Rubik’s Cube type game – it seems to be my current idea for a project. but tomorrow I ll post about that. Description some code – yes, I do have some code for it already – but it is not enough to put it live.

..but lets back to the topic..

2 Actual topic

below description for class test that I had today:

Software Development 3

Class Test

Time: 1 1/2 hours

For the problem statement shown below, you must:
write the Java code for each of the classes
write a small sample program to show your classes working

Problem Statement

Your entrepreneur friend is about to open a Digital Video Disc (DVD) hire shop. She has asked you to write the software for her computer.
A DVD hire shop contains a collection of DVDs. Each DVD has a producer (i.e. a film company) and a title.
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Android 2.2 3D – cube with a shadow

Android 2.2 - Rotating Box with a shadow effect

1: Intro

In this article/tutorial I ll present how to create *cough* simple *cough* – well simple after you make it, cube with shadow effect. The idea is to make our android based device to display cube that will rotate around it own and – well that happened without my intention – around light source.  Problems I meet ware mostly based on me being not familiar with GL API.. but.. one step at time.. in next post I ll present how to add bitmap on the surface of cube..
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Android v 2.2 – Set up and 12 balls.

After over 48 hours with 4hours of sleep, 18 hours of work, 2hours of catching up with university, 0.5hour of set up eclipse on pc – with android SKD and configuration, 2hours of searching and 1hour of actual codding I come up with 12 balls that bounce on my phone – at the moment only from top of display to the bottom but I think that – considering my mental condition – I have got around 12 coffees and 2 relentless.. yeah my hands are shaking – anyway. I have 12 balls.

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